Holy Family CYO
Phoenixville, PA

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Sign Up Schedule

Please review the Sign Up schedule below. We have regional deadlines for team counts and roster submissions. Last minute sign ups or post-deadline requests are difficult - please respect these dates!

Fall Sports: Jun 1 - Aug 15
Winter Sports: Sep 15 - Oct 15*
  Basketball Evals: Oct 23
Spring Sports: Jan 15 - Feb 20

* - Later for cheerleading and 3rd Grade and High School Basketball

CYO Coaching

If you would like to coach a CYO sport in a future season, please review and begin to fulfill these requirements now.





Spectator's Code of Conduct

With Almighty God as my witness, I promise to adhere by the following Rules and Guidelines


Before the Game:

  1. Make a commitment to honor the game in action and language no matter what others may do
  2. Tell your child before each game that you are proud of him or her regardless of how well he or she plays

During the Game:

  1. Fill children's "emotional tank" through praise and positive recognition so they can play their best
  2. Don't give instructions to players during the game. Let the coach correct player's mistakes
  3. Cheer good plays for both teams