Holy Family CYO
Phoenixville, PA

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Sign Up Schedule

Please review the Sign Up schedule below. We have regional deadlines for team counts and roster submissions. Last minute sign ups or post-deadline requests are difficult - please respect these dates!

Fall Sports: Jun 1 - Aug 15
Winter Sports: Sep 15 - Oct 15*
  Basketball Evals: Oct 23
Spring Sports: Jan 15 - Feb 20

* - Later for cheerleading and 3rd Grade and High School Basketball

CYO Coaching

If you would like to coach a CYO sport in a future season, please review and begin to fulfill these requirements now.





Upcoming 4th Grade Home Games at St Mary (Phoenixville)

Sat, Jan 199:00 AMHFB vs STC1B
Sat, Jan 1910:00 AMHFG vs STCG


Upcoming (JV/Varsity) Home Games at Griffin Hall

Fri, Jan 187:00PMHFJVGB1 vs SMJVBG
Fri, Jan 188:15PMHF1VBB vs HF2VBB
Sat, Jan 199:00AMHF1VGA vs SM2VGA
Sat, Jan 1910:15AMHFVBA vs SBVBA
Sat, Jan 1911:30AMHFJVBB1 vs SHJVBB
Sat, Jan 1912:45PMHFJVGB3 vs STCJVBG2
Sun, Jan 201:00PMHF2VGA vs SA1VGA
Sun, Jan 202:15PMHF1VBB vs SAVBB
Sun, Jan 203:30PMHFJVGB3 vs SMJVGB


Upcoming (JV/Varsity) Away Games

Fri, Jan 186:30PMSA2VGA vs HF3VGASt. Aloysius
Fri, Jan 187:00PMSHJVAG vs HFJVAGSacred Heart
Fri, Jan 188:15PMSHJVAB vs HFJVABSacred Heart
Fri, Jan 188:15PMSTC1VBB vs HF3VBBSTC
Sat, Jan 1911:30AMSAJVBB vs HFJVBB2St. Aloysius
Sat, Jan 192:00PMSM2VGA vs HF2VGASt. Mary
Sun, Jan 201:30PMSMVBA vs HFVBASt. Mary
Sun, Jan 202:15PMSTCVGA vs HF1VGASTC
Sun, Jan 202:15PMSBVBB vs HF2VBBSt. Basils
Sun, Jan 204:00PMSMVBB vs HF3VBBSt. Mary


2017-2018 Varsity A Boys Champion 


Holy Family Night at PJPII 


2016-2017 JVA Boys Champion 

2016-2017 JVA Girls Champion 

2016-2017 Panther Pride Boys Champion 

2016-2017 Panther Pride Girls Runner Up 

2016-2017 Panther Pride Boys Runner Up