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Schedule - Varsity B Boys White (Coach: Schratz)

Last Update: 11/25/2016

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HF Varsity B Boys White - 2016-2017 Schedule
1Saturday, December 310:15 AMSt. Mary 1Holy Family
2Sunday, December 41:00 PMSacred HeartHoly Family
3Friday, December 97:00 PMSt. BasilSt. Basil
4Sunday, December 111:00 PMHF GoldHoly Family
5Saturday, December 1710:15 AMSt. Mary 2Holy Family
6Sunday, December 181:00 PMHF BlackHoly Family
7Friday, January 68:15 PMHF MaroonHoly Family
8Sunday, January 84:00 PMSt. AloysiusSt. Pius
9Sunday, January 153:30 PMSt. Mary 1Holy Family
10Saturday, January 2110:15 AMSacred HeartHoly Family
11Sunday, January 221:00 PMSt. BasilSt. Basil
12Friday, January 278:15 PMHF GoldHoly Family
13Saturday, February 411:30 AMSt. Mary 2St. Mary
14Saturday, February 1110:15 AMHF BlackHoly Family